Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our new Baby ~ Zac

So the story goes ~ we actually had no intentions on owning another puppy. Last week we went up the coast to stock up on shopping and also buy chicken manure and hay from a Nursery on the way for our veggie garden. At this place we noticed a sign that said 'Farm Animals and Pony rides' which we had never noticed before so of course we went and checked it out.

Amongst the massive camels, alpacas, pigs, goats, sheep, hens, rabbits, cows, horses and ducks were two very gorgeous pups. One was really playful, fat and boisterous and the other was very docile, skinny and quiet. Joshua got very attached to the quiet one and really wanted to take him home. Firstly Daddy and Mummy said 'NO' and that was that and we left with Joshua crying his little heart out. Of course Dave & I discussed but Dave was dead set 'No' and we went into the next town to do some shopping. After coming out of one shop, Dave was looking at me with Puppy eyes and said 'let's go back and get it'! OKAY!!!

All the way home the pup was throwing up and had diarrhea (which it had already). I began to be quite concerned for he was not even keeping water down. All night I kept getting up to him trying to make him swallow water. The next morning I brought some charcoal tablets and a syringe and fed him that way. Their were lots and lots of prayer and Zac began to keep his water down but still could hardly move or walk.

The next day I managed to get a crushed worming tablet into him using the syringe and just hoped and prayed for the best. Praise God Zac began to become good and by the following day he was eating and drinking normally. Today Zac in bouncing around with joy and has a gorgeous belly now. He is now part of the family. We love him!


  1. Oh he is just adorable! What a cute name too! I simply must have a dog!!

  2. Oh, he is just SOOOOO cute! It almost makes me want to go out and get a pup, but that would be silly, as we are a three cat household.

    Zac looks just like a pup that we had when I was a child. Her name was Penny, and she was a border collie/kelpie cross - fond memories, indeed.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I've read here a cuple of times coming across from some ot the other homeschoolers blogs.

    Beware! A cute puppy like that just grows on you. Hope Zac gets healthy and brings heaps of happy memories for your family.

  4. He is gorgeous, Sarah. You'll get so much pleasure from him.

  5. I love, love, love, puppies! ♥
    Just read on your profile that you run a B&B in Australia! How FUN! I've entertained the idea of running a B&B myself one day. If we ever make it to Australia someday, we'll have to look you up. :-)

  6. Very cute ~ and I had to laugh when I heard of the way you came to obtain this new member of your family as it's how we ended up with our doggy!

    We'd taken our children to a pet shop that sells snakes and reptiles & we knew the kids would enjoy seeing the different animals.
    While we were there, we came across a little black & white puppy that looked so cute, but so lonely. Our kids shined to her right away and our hearts melted when our kids asked to keep her so we came home with a new puppy. LOL

  7. Hi! I've jumped over from another blog (Sweet Blue Skies) and noticed we share some blogging friends. :)

    He's such a handsome pup. I'm glad he came well and you can all enjoy his company. :)

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    alecat (Victoria)


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