Saturday, July 11, 2009

A divine appointment...

At the beginning of this week I blogged about how I felt as though a 'suddenly' was about to take place, something unexpected. Without going into too much detail their is a single mother in town whom I have known now for a few years, Sue has one 8yo ds Dane.

Over the years I have invited them to come over for coffee and a chat but it has never happened, but this week I bumped into Sue up the street, gave her a lift home and we had a wonderful chat. Sue is quite a broken lady but has such a desire to live for Jesus but has a real struggle with alcohol.

Ever since I was born again at 16 most of my absolute closest friends have been drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally ill people. I love being around them and with them and I literally sense God pouring His love into me then through me and into these people.
Like so many other times promised before, Sue said they will come over this week and I just smiled, nodded and truly hoped and prayed that it will happen. Well on Thursday Sue actually rang me and asked if it was still alright to come over, so I went and picked them up (her car is off the road) with my heart just overwhelmed with joy.

Joshua & Grace were both so excited to have Dane come over and they were beautiful hosts for their young friend. Sue & I had the most blessed time together and she said 'I am so happy to be here, I have tears of happiness'. Sue had to go off and clean a holiday house just around the corner and Dane stayed with us all afternoon, which was just so wonderful.

One day when I was 17 I was out doing something and I was really busy and I rushed past a person whom I had been reaching out to at the time and right at that moment the Lord stopped me in my tracks and dropped a word into my spirit, He said "don't ever be too busy for people, don't rush past".

I have no doubt that heaven brought Sue & I together on Thursday and to me these moments are the best 'suddenlys' that could take place.

The Lord loves people so much and I don't ever want to be too busy for the broken hearted.

Out of respect and privacy I have used different names


  1. You definitely have a heart for Jesus!

    It's nice to see people who live and breathe Jesus in their lives - a breath of fresh air, so to speak.

  2. You have such a kind heart, Sarah.

  3. What a gorgeous post Sarah! You've given me goosebumps. It's so true that God brings people into our lives if we're open to listening to Him. Nothing beats that thrill of sensing a 'God moment' does it!
    Melanie x

  4. You've certainly taken the opportunity for service!
    One of the things we are privileged to have as stay at home, home schooling mums is the time and opportunity to give to others.
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. That's wonderful Sarah. You're showing these people how genuine and real God's love is. It's the best feeling in your spirit when you're able to help someone in need ~ knowing that you're being obedient to God and He is pleased with you, good and faithful servant!


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