Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mothers Day adventure

Genoa Peak in the distance

OK so most 'normal' mothers like the break fast in bed, morning sleep in, flowers and probably jewelry for a Mothers day gift! For me, I don't like eating in bed and I find it hard to sleep in when we are all in the one open room, I get great pleasure in seeing flowers in our garden and I am not big on jewelry (only expensive stuff). Q. So what do I like? A. A 3km walk, one and a half ks up the mountain and the rest was all down!

The conditions were sensational, the sun shining bright, no wind and just peace and quite with my handsome hubby and 2 adventurous children. We chatted, laughed, listened and enjoyed each others company! Once you get to the top you are bestowed with a lovely set of steps up a ladder only on about a 2 inch slant, but once you climb those last steps up onto the rock (which is fenced by the way) you get an incredible 380o view of Croajingalong National Park all of Mallacoota's beaches and sand dunes! We sat their quietly basking in the views and munching on our delicious salad rolls that I had prepared earlier that morning at home.

Bottom Lake from Genoa Peak and Gabo Island

The picture below is still pretty much exactly what Genoa peak looks like today.

Digital Collections - Pictures - Bruce, Robert, fl. 1866-1886. Genoa Peak, Gipps Land, Victoria


Croajingolong National Park covers 87,500 hectares and extends for 100km along the wilderness coast of Victoria's East Gippsland. It protects remote beaches, tall forests, heath land, rain forest, estuaries and granite peaks. Genoa Peak is 490 metres above sea level and offers wonderful views over this scenic landscape rich and diverse in flora and fauna. Over 200 species of plants exist only in this area and a third of all Australia's known bird species live here. The views of the Croajingolong National Park and Mallacoota inlet at the summit are definitely worth the effort. - Parks Victoria


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  2. Absolutely spectacular! What a lovely Mother's Day you all had!


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