Thursday, April 2, 2009

Embracing Change

We live in a very beautiful part of our world! This place has been bestowed with the title 'Victoria's best kept secret' and this my friend is the absolute truth.
We have been living here for nearly seven years now and would have to say, I feel very much a part of the community. Having a business here in town we feel we are making a contribution to such a wonderful holiday destination by offering luxury accommodation and serving our guests from all over the globe.

We get very excited when something new is happening and that is exactly what is happening in this small yet amazing community. Yesterday Dave, Joshua, Grace and myself walked into town following lake side drive to have brunch at the Bakery to celebrate the new owners on their first day. How we love our fresh bakery bread...

On our way home we became a part of an historical moment! This is a development that quite a few locals have been waiting to see for over 20 years and we just happened to be right at the very first stage of this taking place. It is the very first boardwalk to be built from Karbethong to the Town Wharf (two and a half km).

We are so ecstatic for this provides a safe and lovely path for all to enjoy.

Next week we have the opening of Mallacoota's very first community bank - Bendigo Bank and we will be joining in with the celebrations of the opening, I heard their will be a jumping castle, this is HUGE, the first time the children will be on a jumping castle in Mallacoota!

Also in town someone is building and will be opening Mallacoota's very firs Juice Bar and Ice cream parlour! WOW, we love being a part of our small community moving forward and providing more for all our wonderful International and Australian holiday makers!!!
So when are you coming???


  1. It sounds like some good changes are happening in your town ~ one which Chris & I still would love to live in some day......


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